Rejuvenate the soul

the girls that drink all night..they don't get hurt. we carry small bottles of liquor and condoms for our hearts and bodies in our purse. it's in our blood to hurt you and trick you and touch you and feed you a lifestyle that we expect you to adjust to. it's not right, it's wrong..we know where your spare parts belong. we keep them with us..we lie to you, manipulatively stealing your trust. i only wanted to f*** your body..but it seems i f***ed your everytime i'm under the sheets with another victim i ask myself why the hell were we ever apart. last time you came around you were only here to play. you had zero intentions on loving knew you would not stay. I got f***ed up the next day..i went about my way. i found me a new body to f*** on...i guess i am cliche. i need you ..i want you.. i can't let you go.i don't care what is right...i just wanna give you this heart made of solid ice. come get this body since you like so much to entice. you say forever but that only lasts a few days..the pain you've afflicted broke all my bones. i can't move. check my x-rays.

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