Rejoice Evermore

When your heart breaks

And in the cracks fill with grief

When sorrow comes

And steals your joy like a theif 

Rejoyce, oh rejoyce evermore!


Time will mend your heart

Silence will harden the grief

Soon you'll find the strength within you 

To lift your head and speak 


But for now when words fail 

And there is nothing left to say

Rejoyce evermore!

For you have lived another day 


Even if you had not 

And your time on Earth is done

Rejoyce evermore!

For you and nature are now one

This poem is about: 
My family
Guide that inspired this poem: 



Wow! You are just something else...completely gifted and wonderful with words...i love the ending... i cant wait to see more of your work


My goodness! You are too kind :) I wrote this just yesterday. We had to put my cat of 13 years down. He suffered from lung cancer. Poetry has always helped me deal with uncomfortable and joyful emotions. Your comment just made my day. Bless you!

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