Rejoice and Choice

The birth of our nation, with colors red, blue and white

We will never forget, people willing to fight

Tyranny heald the people in chains

But heroes were born, fighting in snow or rain

Freedom was born, and the people rejoiced

In the home of the brave, with nothing but choice

Over the next century, the nation grew

It was anything but easy, and that was surely true

A nation divided, between right and wrong

The people decided, that Lincoln himself was quite long

A war ended, the people rejoiced

All for freedom, that was always a choice

Men would come and go, helping the land

Until 1912, which would give them a new hand

Europe was cracking, in turmiol and fear

America was ready, to help friends held dear

Trenches full of soldiers worried and distraught

Realized that this war, was one that must be fought

Europe returned to a country united

All because of America, the country that fighted

Freedom reigned, the people rejoiced

All thanks to America, the nation with choice

1930 a booming nation hit a plunder

All cause of inflation, a nation gone under

Frustrated and hopeless, the people grew worried

Unknown that an enemy, would create such a flurry

The Axis terrorized the world into flames

America joined the Allies, trying to regain the riegns

United in the idea, that freedom was essential

A World War was waged, becoming dentrimental

The Allies won, The people rejoiced

Taking out evil, there was no other choice

Throughout the rest of the century, two nations grew

One all red, the other quite blue

Communism was rising, with people in fear

Freedom was threatened, something they could not bare

Freedom was a right, not something controlled

But the Russians thought, they were being quite bold

The 90s came, and the Soviet Union fell

All because, American wasn't Hell

The people relaxed, the people rejoiced

Knowing they had won, they had a choice

A new Millenium came, with new things for a better

But everything, That morning in early September

America was rattled, America was rocked

But we didn't give in, to Evil's time clock

Our freedom was threatend, our freedom we held dear

All because men wanted us in total fear

The people were angry, but nonetheless they rejoiced

The people fought on, for the ideal of choice



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