Rejection or love?


United States

I used to think I couldn’t take love but what if it’s my love that’s too harsh?

You see I didn’t receive any love so I try to give what I never got.
Rejection was the norm, it hit me when I was just an embryo.
It was only as I grew up and saw love around me that I experienced its absence.
That’s when it became tough, I was blind to rejection but I became numb to love.
Maybe that’s how people feel, they always felt love so maybe that’s what they fear,
Maybe like rejection love is too strong to bear.
But I wonder what’s worse, rejection or love?
Because of this:
I love they run, I love they run
As if they are blind or they just detest my love.
I loved one man so much, I gave him more love in a few weeks than I had given in my lifetime,
But recently I found that even he is blind to my love.
Or could it be that my love is destined for rejection?
Maybe it’s just too strong to be accepted.
I can’t even accept my own love and there it is, I have rejected myself.
That’s where my problem is.


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