The rejection

(poems go here) It’s the rejections of life that we are afraid or fear the most.
The closing of Opportunity’s Doors sound more like quiet whispers of failure.
A secret that everyone knows but you will only find a few repeating
The nauseating sound of the word No, is more like the unbearable silence in abortion
Clinic hallways. And in that silence disappointment tucks itself in the pit of your stomach
That’s when I start reminisce back to my 4th grade class
When my teacher asked me “what do you wannabe when you grow up?”
When I told her my scribbled dream that I thought was only made for composition notebook ears, she kindly nodded with acceptance proceeded with her lesson. My teacher
Never told me that I had to wake up and join the class back into reality.
Looking back now I want to yell at her
Kick my chair from the under the desk
And ask her to tell me who I am,
Tell me that life is sometimes the bully on
The playground and it’s better to get push on the way to the
Swing kicking at reality rather than to be pushed down the slide of disappointment trying to define gravity.
Tell me teacher that
Life is like a dodge ball team
And there are some days that you
Will not be picked, but the day
When they do pick you
Wear your heart as your shirt. Let us hear it beating. Turn it into the loudest redemption song ever heard.
Because true triumphs are not hidden, a real triumph is always better when it is felt.
No one wants to be rejected but in every rejection there is ounce of acceptance. And we as humans have to
Accept the fact that you are made differently, accept that there are certain concepts that we a
Just don’t fit. Accept that the only reason you feel like a reject is because
You haven’t found that one thing that is custom made for you, tapered to your imperfections
Measured by every inch of your struggles; woven into the fabric of your blemished skin.
When you find that one thing let everyone see the faith of David’s sling slot miracle you are.
You may not know who you are, but don’t fall for rejection.
Stand until they accept you, because your day is coming.


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