I’m surprised they never noticed,

Never saw my foolish act.

I’m saddened by their ignorance,

For surely I have slacked.


Every day I’d wear a mask,

For her, and her, and him.

Every day another act.

I never saw what could have been.


I would put it on for them,

And adjust it as seen fit,

Then they’d open up the curtain,

And I’d perform my fake life’s skit.


My façade changed depending

On whom I was around,

But you saw I was pretending,

And spoke without a sound.


I was acting on their stage,

Playing the part I best fit,

The audience was engaged,

But you saw right through my bit.


I suppose I’d always known

That everyone has an act,

But then, who owns the show?

Who’s the puppet master with the facts?


But you—you took of your mask,

And stared at me, eye to eye,

I fumbled for another act,

I searched for a rehearsed line.


But I lost my mask and felt ashamed,

As it slipped right through my hands,

And you stood in the ashes of my game,

Then helped me up to stand.


I had always been in fear,

Of a life without a line,

But now looking in the mirror,

I know the face is mine.


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