Wed, 06/19/2013 - 15:54 -- avamere


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I look back at my life and see that,
I have no regrets,
I did things that I might have not liked
But it was an experience.
An experience which brings a lesson,
A lesson to a blessing.
I am blessed by what I’ve learned
Where I’ve been wrong
Experiences cannot be taught by a teacher
I don’t regret anything in life
All I’ve done me at one point I wanted
And whether the outcome was good or bad.
Today couldn’t have become an end.
Experiences cannot be taken back
Once an action is made, there’s no eraser to clean it off.
When the end comes, for what will my actions make me?
Do I take it back now?
I still have no regrets.
I couldn’t be myself today, hopeful through
Hard times, if I could only look back.
I do not regret because what’s passed is past
And the only place of hope isn’t in the past,

But in the future.


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