Regretful She


As she sits there crying,

She regrets what she's done. 

She says over and over to herself,

"I am young and I don't mean anything I say."


A woman of loving arms wrap around her body,

ever so tight in her grasp. 

She weaps again.

"Everthing will be okay." The woman speaks silently.


Only if she knew,

knew everything was not okay. 

The things she's done,

the things she's said.


She's never got a chance to say sorry, 

a chance to say goodbye,

a chance to smile at her one last time, 

a chance to share her funny stories.


The only parent she had left,

the only parent that struggled for her,

the only parent that cooked for her, 

the only parent that cried for her.


It's gone, 

all gone.


As her mother goes under,

she regrets

Regrets what she's done to the only parent fighting for her, 

and she took it for granted.


It's gone, 

all gone.







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