The words spilled out of me

Like exhaust spews from

An old worn-out car.

“I do love you”

Was all I said

And yet I felt as if

I just played some type-of

Disturbed violin through my body.

My thoughts kept flooding

My mind

and creeping

Up my spine




Because when it comes to you,

I’m never too sure what is


And what is


You have this hold on me

That I cannot break.

As much as I attempt

To cut through

The imaginary rope

That you grip tightly

Around me,

I cannot be free of you.

We have been like this for a while.

Because I cannot seem to

Grasp the idea

That I lost you

And I am never getting

You back.

Maybe I don’t want to

Clutch any concept

Involving you.

But, truth be told:

I wanted you back

Before I even lost you.


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