Mon, 06/10/2019 - 16:40 -- Kmori


The dark of the womb

The warmth of a mother’s touch

All the safety I felt when I was a child.

Slowly dissipated in the air

 Randomly—Change was subtle and all at once

As my body morphed

Molded into a new being

Walking around had a different feeling

My hips swayed with every step

I was meet with uncomfortable stares

Whispers and whistles

I didn’t feel right and rather out of place

Time only brought more aches

Everything was wrong

From my appearance to the way I walked

I was consumed by flaws

My thoughts beat me down

Everything was unattainable

Until I saw… the better vision of myself

Days became a little brighter

My thoughts were revitalized

I felt safe  

Radiating confidence

All the agony, the experiences—the hurt I felt

Slowly dissipated in the air

The strongest weapon was always me.

My mind was, and is everything

I am the judge and jury of my fate.

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