Reflection on the Water

he walks the dusty dirt road,

skipping stones in the stream,

singing songs to the sky,

painting a picture of perfection

for the untrained eye.


but as the stream curves closer to the dusty dirt road

his picture morphs and twists on her glittering surface

and a snarling monster settles in his place,

in the reflection on the water.


reflection on the water,

the ugly truth of a beautiful lie.


he rejects whole races,

only able to see in black and white

but never gray;

and, certainly, he is blind to the beauty of a rainbow—

he couldn't love his daughter

for her love was for a girl;

he swears my love is a sin

yet thinks himself the better for preaching his hatred

on the basis of a book not everyone believes in,

but those who do not are the subjects of his hatred as well.

(don't worry, at least

he discriminates



but he wears a smile and walks with a swagger to his supposedly superior step;

the reflection on the water





the lie

is better than

the truth,


but it will


be only

a lie.

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My country
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