The Reflection of Her


United States
33° 5' 16.3752" N, 96° 5' 20.7708" W

What you see is someone
Who is so Beautiful but yet so ugly.
The wish for her Anger and Hatred
in her heart to be Broken is never for-filled.
Suicidal thoughts haunt her day after day
Still... never does she Pray.
But why is that?
Freedom is what she longs for
But as she looks around... there is no Open door.
Behind Closed doors she cries herself to sleep.
Constantly Tormented her mind is never at Peace.
To Hide her Pain she wears a Smiling Mask.
No one is aware of how much Pain is Hidden
Behind such a Gorgeous smile as Hers.
Every day people ask her, "Who are you?"
They say, " I barely even recognize you anymore."
She Smiles.
BUT not a soul knows she doesn't recognize herself.
In the Mirror she asks, "Who am I?"
Her response was Her Reflection.
A girl who is so Beautiful but yet,
So Ugly.


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