Reflection of Darkness


Oh, how I can see your darkness

looking back at me,

your angry holds a story that needs

to be told of something that happened

ancient years ago,

 your eyes were like the sea

the reflection of your pains entered
deep within my soul

cutting away at my heart
shattered all my emotions

you left me broken down,

all your friends are evil warriors

that likes to kill all that is good,

fighting for selfishness and greed

you think pain is love,

Because love had once made you bleed
one night while I was home alone

In my bed a sleep,

You Dark Angel came into my mind

given me darken dreams,

Your words were deadly

like an old sad song

of true Gothic pains

under a big velvet moon

that was hanging down in gloom,

I fell deep into your icy arms

while you cared me on into a darken room,

your embrace made me shiver

my spine felt like it was about to break

Oh, how you make my body ache,

When you first looked inside my eyes

I started to cry;

The pains were so deep

It burned in my mind,

You held me so tight;

like we had known each other all our lives,

your hunger for me started making me

feel even more uneasy,

It got so hard to tell you

to let me go,

fighting against all that I known

that what we have is truly wrong,

Dark Angel would tell me all kinds of things

just to make me think,

making me question what is right

from what is wrong,

this is one of Dark Angels way

to take control over me while I dream,
he would touch me

with his cold wrinkled hands,

he kissed my lips as if he was taking

away my last breath,

He sent to my mind fear
making my heart race
Oh, how my body ached
he loved to see me cry

He would hold me tight,

When I would glance at him
I would see his eyes change with mine,
he acts as if he was

trying to read my thoughts
but all I felt was disguise

So helpless, powerless,

he would charm me with a smile

like he truly loved me,

 as if he was bewitched

of something of long ago

a story of darkness

a love that once end.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1980

The Queen of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery


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