Dear Mom,

The first time you heard me cry,

The first time you held my tiny body in your hands,

We made an ubreakable bond.

As the leaves of time change and few things are the same,

I take this time to acknowledge an unspoken truth.

You gave me everything you didn't have,

Opportunity, encouragement, and a loving, safe environment.

I appreciate you more than I could ever put into words,

As you gave me the gift of life, and opportunity.

As the sun sets on this long day,

I realize it is my time to go away.

I leave to turn the page in a never-ending story,

For it is time I explore the unknown.

When the metaphysical force of childhood leaves my step as I

Walk out the front door towards a new journey,

I gaze at the horizon, and remember who got me here

In the first place.

Thank you for everything.


Love always,



This poem is about: 
My family


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