"A Reflection"

Dear Anonymous,


I fell in love with her eyes

Glinting impressive shards of amber,

And creating in mine

An after-image attached to her laughter. 


I could take a photograph

And the time would always be right,

Like the time they were encircled by dappled skin,

Catching spontaneous rays of light. 


With that, I could feel the warm, warm glow,

Heat rising in my chest,

'Til I could feel that the energy rose. 

My blood vessels must burst to rest. 


In that moment, our eyes were wide,

But I know my vision was narrowed

Into a heart-shaped scope; my eyes

Would watch my own feet on the ground as they followed


The girl who I swear could never be compared to

Even if each person had a million pupils. 

In night-dark pictures, she's like a UFO in the air;

She abducts me and I have no scruples.


People say that it can't be right,

That they "see nothing there

Except perhaps a satellite -

No aliens, as I'm aware."


No, she's not an alien,

Just a rare, beautiful bird

That offers the chirping song I dreamt

But never thought I would have heard.


In spite of all oppostition

And a pending inquisition,

My own kaleidoscopic illusion

Of her and I in friendly fusion


Persists and rouses flutterbies,

And in my mind, fireflies,

Because I seek to reflect that light

Which made me fall in love with her eyes.  


Yours truly,


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