Sun, 01/08/2017 - 00:29 -- NRose

I look into the mirror

It never gets more familar

I try to think of a time it ever was

I remember a time I saw a little girl

She was thin, beautiful, and beyond her years

She had pain but "rolled with the punches"

I remember a time when I didn't look much at all

It wasn't until I was asked my eye color

I realized I didn't know

I didn't look for this girl but would see a glimpse of dark

My mother made me fear this monster

She couldn't keep her forever though

I am unsure of where she went

I started looking at my reflection again

Others assured me I would like what I see

Eventually I did

I remember a time I saw a beautiful teenage girl

She was amazing and had a glow

Sometimes I thought she was my mask other times I felt she was becoming me

I look in the mirror now and see an older version

She has gained weight and still looks so unfamilar

Yet I still hope to be like her someday





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