Behind the filters I am an ordinary girl
trying to live different in a wicked world 
Full of hidden flaws from deep within
Battling insecure thoughts that lead to sin 
Fighting constantly against who the world see me as
The war rages on in my mind I wanna be me without a mask 
Truly loving myself is an uphill road that I  never seem to win 
I struggle with the skin I'm in trying to see myself the way God sees me in the end 
When I look in the mirror I wanna see the realness of me 
Not a simple reflection of the ideal girl that the world wants to see
Trying to please people was such a burden to carry
But the feelings of not being accepted was also scary
Now that I'm older I can see clearer since I am mature 
For the race is given only to the ones that will endure
I finally realize that being myself is the best thing I can be Because there's no one that could ever be better at being me! 
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