I’m reflecting in the mirror- I’ll correct all the wrong in my life. I’ll reshape it, I have a new slate, and correct with a knife. I’m done with mistake after mistake, I can do something right. Other than stress and cry myself to sleep at night. Feeling sorry for myself I’m moving past that.Now I’ll reassure myself and give myself a pat on the back. Look in the mirror and love what you see,  Look past those eyes filled with pain and misery.Yeah- The world is cold and harsh out there, But being so hard on yourself you won’t get anywhere. Love life, and love yourself too girl. Be happy, have fun, see your self worth. Look past what you have done wrong. After all you are all you have in the end. Time is ticking and you never know if the clock will go past ten. Take advantage of your life while you still can, Make the best of everything, even those you don’t understand. Do understand that your reflection is the person that you’re stuck with.  At the end of the day, that reflection that you see, That girl in the mirror- she’s the better me.


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