Red white and blue, How i miss you.

Red white and blue, oh my how I miss the real you. 


These lands wail with the voices of our ancestors 

Yet the hands of our government are controlled by investors

Now the streets are home to hordes of protestors.


We stand for liberty yet our lives are for sale

We stand for life yet our veterans ail

We stand for justice but whom do we really jail?


Our culture was built upon immigration

But my brothers and sisters are only focused on deportation

But maybe that’s just my observation.


Our fate seems sealed if we do not progress…

We must brave the cold, get rid of the old

Carve our way through the dark, in order to re-light the spark

Carry the flame, in order to reclaim

What was once a proud Nation,


We can bring ourselves to elation

Be the masters of our own salvation.


All it takes is unity and dedication.


This poem is about: 
My country
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