Red Riding Hood

Little miss reddy

Momma told her get ready

Grab her basket in handy

So she could go see her granny

She was feeling so canny

A lot of food she had plenty

Ditched the plans wit her friends

Their names were Sally and Andy

(So she)

Skipped through the forest all happy

Day was going great, never crappy

The birds’ wings were flappin

Every single feeling was good, no stopping

Her from what she had to take


My mistake, wait, listen


The clouds start coming in



The sky starts thunderin’

Something in the bushes shruvvelin

I wonder what it is


A wolf the size of a man hops right out the bush

Miss Riding hood falls right on her tush

Oof (ouch!)


Hello little girl, how you doin?

What you doin, where you goin?

It’s the food that I’m pursuein’

Can you spare a little piece?


Oh please, believe

Only for my dear granny

She’s so sick, so go somewhere and go choke on a…


Miss, here’s the mix


No food, dang that really breaks my heart

Gonna have fall from the start.


So the wolf sneaks right inside granny’s house

He takes the rope and duct tape, and puts it on her mouth

Now the granny’s in closet all afraid and can’t talk

Now the wolf’s saying great and he just carries on


Miss riding hood takes all look at grandma

She says “hey granny grandma from alabama”

I bought you some bread and some fanta

And bout 4 more bananas

Oh no you look bad

You look chilly no santa


I’m fine dearie i just need some food

That’ll put me in a way better mood

All the food in the basket, I dont have to choose

No food is just givin me the real blues

Woah grandma just look at your ears

Woah grandma now you have a beard

Making me shed some tears

But at least I’m finnaly here


Just gimme gimme all the food  

That’ll put me in a better mood

Just gimme gimme all the food  

That’ll put me in a better mood


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