Red Lips

It takes me maybe 5 minutes to do my makeup in the morning.
I'd start with some primer, after all- I don't want to damage the skin you once placed little pecks on.
I'd make my way to my eyes next,

I start applying three different shades of eyeshadow to give me that perfect eye look, because it reminded me of how I loved your faded eye look and that I should never run towards that look again but instead run away from it.
Squinted eyes looking down on me after a kiss too good to b true- never did I think that a kiss like that could exist but oh How I wish i chose to resist you.

Took me too long to realize when you were looking down on me from a kiss you were looking down on me in general.
every time I kissed you-my lipstick wore off.
It made me want to do it more.
Screw the lipstick.
I was incredibly stupid because my lipstick at the time was only worth a couple dollars, but it was still too expensive to waste on you.
I loved knowing that I had affected you, but it took me too long to realize that you had perfected that look over years of toying with hearts throwing away Cupid’s arrows and instead using darts. My love, how much free time did you have exactly?

I move on to some concealer, putting it over the little marks you’d call perfect.

II scavenge for the right color- never do I want to see those marks again because you were wrong they weren't perfect you only made me feel like they were

only you could do that

only you could kiss me and send me off to another world and never again would I want to fall for that illusion my friend because only in this world can I find a sale for a 50% off Mac eyeliner.
Using this expensive liquid blush isn't even necessary after you came into my life, I can just use the blood leaking out of my heart, the same one you tore from my chest attempting to kiss down my neck.
But no,

you were respectful so you stopped when I asked and you let me keep my chance of having my first be my last and that's why I can't call you an animal. because you're not.

you're perfect  
Please give me a reason to hate you.  But,
There is no reason to hate you other than the fact you changed your favorite color and you wanted a girl in a different shade of lipstick.  
But baby I forgive you because you changed me for the better. Now I know who to trust only I can tell the truth from lies and I love this red lipstick you grew to despise.
So I apply it next.
And now here I am, in front of these people telling them my morning routine as well as the story of just one of many heartbroken heartbreakers because babe you weren't a lover but just another persuader.
Step 1: primer for damage control.
Step 2: apply eyeshadow to change how you see
Step 3: cover up the past
and Step 4: apply bold lipstick .
That’s it.  
Just four steps that's all it takes to forget you because now I'm done paying my debt to you and I bet you that now I'm a threat to you.

So here I am ready to go, and I'm just a little reminder that baby you reap what you sow.
So I'm here to break hearts and definitely nothing more because what else is this red lipstick made for?

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