You lost me in the mist of my way headed to the eyes of the fast life

So quick in the ground that my skull had more stillness then my finger on a trigger 

Having no fear in the world walking in the night silent making no sound 

Creeping in the soul and hearts of what was once dreams 

Had no family

they abandoned me to young to understand that I grew up with so much angry

Joining a gang thinking that life had something for me because all I wanted was love

Rep in the red and blue hoping money and drug kept my mind tied  on straight 

High of deception, and lies of the person that stood in front of me 

Faded my education until I saw not a thing

 as I threw my life away because no one gave a damn about me 

A young thug lost in the street not caring if I live or die today 

That I went out with a bang 

Though the whispers I wanted to change but the people who called the cops 

Had no mercy on me they forgot I was a human lock in a cage not let out to be free

But forgotten

You think somebody tried to save me

wasn't gonna be long until my surrounds 

Became me 

No guides I had TO SURVIVE ON MY OWN 

waiting for some place I could call home

hopeless  walking around

giving up  on myself because I had no value 

No future no sudden change only to repeat the same old thing 

Ran to quick to the red eyes of the devil that I turned my back on God 

fast life speed though 

R.I.P another black boy without a clue but stuck with no answer

















This poem I was explaining how the thug life can be. That sometimes our young men get lost in the sight of the red eyes .And what I did in this poem is put my feet in there shoes and explain there emotions .I hope anyone who reads this and understand. I truly believe in ever person good or bad I listen and take the time to understand someone deep value .hope you enjoy 

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