Red Dresses


Red Dresses by Clacie England


An invincible, cautionary soul

Holds itself high above it’s worth

No misgivings; a person is as tall as they want to be

Breaking social stereotypes

Even with my silence.


A pawing lioness in a cloud of fog

That sees only the outline

Of some competition

Hunching low beneath natural cover.

What a wonderful thing.


I want things

Perhaps a red dress and fake jewels

To make myself stunning

When I’m already a beauty in someone’s eyes

Even with my vainness.


A strutting peacock

Showcasing a kaleidoscope of color

But it took no deep blue or green

To win over a mate.

What a wonderful thing.


I paint strange things

With the struggle of a non-artist

A bead of sweat rolling down a

Heavily made-up face

With my stubbornness.


A rearing horse, lavish in dress,

Coat glistening in the midday sun

Won’t let its jockey down

In his time of need.

What a wonderful thing.


I am awestruck

With celebrities

And jealousy turns to admiration.

I am no different

With myself.


A fish, in different circumstances

Will never see the fellow animals

But holds close to its heart

Its individuality.

This is me.


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