once upon a time,

there was a girl named red. 

her skinny jeans tight,

and drake running through her head.

as she lounged on the couch,

she scrolled and she scrolled.

her insta feed filled with people whose stories were untold.

she paused on a pic,

of a grandmother and a chick.


"i could get that real quick."

she threw on her fav coat and headed out the door,

"who am i kidding? i could get even more."

she gathered her supplies and made them all look neat

"my grandmother will be surprised with this great treat!"

as she walked to her grandma's, basket in hand

she couldn't help but hear a nasty command.

"yo ma! show me your smile."

and another, "let's crack open that basket after while."

she put on her hood and frowned a big frown,

and kept on her way, now with her head down.

"what a nice butt you have, more for me to enjoy."

"slow down little lady, who you going to see, ya boy?"

she sped up some more and she thought in her head, 

"one more block. i wish these wolves were dead."

she arrived at her grandma's and gave her the basket,

and said, "i'm having a problem, with men who i wish were in a casket."

red told her of the wolves who wouldn't leave her alone,

"ah yes," grandmother said, "life in the cat-call zone."

they took a few photos for red's all important post,

and on her way home she pondered what mattered in her life most.

"maybe likes aren't everything." she thought and thought,

"uploading for personal gain is not what i've been taught."

she smiled and decided she would develop the picture instead.

she lived happily ever after,

a cat-called and grandmother loving girl named red.



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Our world
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