Tue, 08/11/2015 - 20:49 -- j.daluz


It's the color of the apple in my eye
The one you caused to materialize 
Its the color of a rose, just beginning to bloom 
So beautiful and glorious, but gone so soon
It's the color of the ruby that sits on my chest
As I sit, as I walk, as I wake, as I rest 
It's the color of the setting sun on a summer's night
So radiant and bold, until it's out of sight
It's the color of the wall that you pushed me into 
Where the ruby was left after I threw it at you 
It's the color of my blood as it pours from my veins 
Like a dark rainfall that never goes away 
It's the color of your eyes after you've had another drink 
It's the color of the liquid gushing from my face to the sink 
The life inside of me that was once prosperous and in full thrive 
Now drains from my body and I am no loner alive 
It's the color if the casket in which I lay 
The color of the sky on this bleak and sullen day 
The color of my eye when you hit me for the last time 
The color of your soul, and now the color of mine 
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