feeling like a blimp filled with no air 

nothing left, nothing here, empty 

you stole the only thing that kept me whole 

I am buried ten feet in the ground with out a soul


my life line 

my time

you took it from me and it wasn't even mine 

to give

I hadn't had a chance

 to live


you laid on top of me suffocating every once of breath i had left 

entering my unscathed body ripping away my purity 

it wasn't yours to take 

how do you feel 

do you feel greatness

more like a man 

I've had better with batteries and a hand

how manly can you be 

to take something from me , a girl , a child, your neighbor, 

you too everything that ever meant anything to me 

now my face is sinking and wasting away 

do you still want to take me out to play?

really, how do you like me now, with my with no glow no soul

am i as tempting as i was before, am i still your pretty little whore

because you , you've changed my whole life

i've played with wrist, pills and knifes,

never been able to commit to a thing in my life

never found love and not even sure that I want it

It haunts me and taunts me I am way past tarnished 

how does it feel to know a little girls dreams have parished

can you fathom the baggage i carry from that one night

I cant see, who will be the next tom dick or harry

I cant see wrong from right

I cant see, I dont even know me,

The me that could have been


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