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If you couldn't feel the pain  from my body then you will never understand the reasons I cry The tears that drew from my eyes because of you I couldn't stop I just couldnt it was  my only type of relief .That was six years ago on this very day I stand 5,4  no longer in pain  but sadly my best friend who almost everyone thought so belittle of  could not stand here to this day he couldnt  be beside me to when I walked across that stage  . Ill admit I was still mad he took his life Cause a bunch of inmature motherfuckers  started picking with him calling him a fag. The day he left I blamed myself  he was my backbone and I was him but where was I when he needed help? The moment he really needed someone and I was M.I.A. So what  the FUCK am I suppose to do my dear friend close to my heart has  been bullied to death. so now I stand here to tell the others just like me and him that we are stronger than metal we are stronger than force we are POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!Even when no one can hear our voice speak louder be heard and live for you and nobody else.

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