“I’m so proud of you”
The words ring inside my dizzy mind,
The bottle will ease, the glass will dull.
Too ashamed to ask for help,
I never meant to let you down,
The bottle tips, the glass is full.
Like a movie, further I fall,
I watch a stranger standing in my place,
The bottle lifts, the glass is drunk.
They speak of my wellbeing,
Yet I haven’t been well since god only knows,
The bottle empties, the glass is cold.
Clutching tight to the drink,
The tears begin to flow,
The bottle shakes, the glass is thrown.
I won’t be a victim of my own self-hate,
I refuse to give up my hope,
The bottle tumbles, the glass breaks.
I’m done with this nightmare,
It’s time to wake up,
The bottle shatters, the glass lay in shards.
I will not be the stranger I see,
I will be better, but that is on me,
To hell with the bottle, To hell with the glass,
My recovery begins today.


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