I thought I lost someone.


She wouldn’t be back, and now

Music struck no more notes

With her heart and she spoke

Without song,

Lips moving but no light

From within would guide her

To a place that was home.


Gave up swimming upstream

And slept without dreams

Slept until it seemed

The water that held me

Would drown me.


And maybe it did.


But rescued from purgatory

My head broke the surface

And i gasped for the

Cool morning air.


And as I inhaled

The sweet taste of life

Filled up my mouth

Like a tart made of summer fruit.

Something about January

Made my heart open up

And thaw whatever frost

Had frozen it still.

It’s pounding to the beat -

I am loved, I am loved -

And I make it repeat

Until finally, finally

I am free from defeat



I finally feel like myself again.



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