I always regret,
Not for the fellows I met.
About my decision,
and my current position.
Frequently tortures me,
On whatever I see.
Time doesn't stop
Ran away beyond hope.
I yelled in the dark,
For a tiny spark.
Here in the street,
I stood to treat,
My sorrows and burns.
Soul slayed to win,
betrayed by my sins.
sarcasm in eyes,
where my regret lies.
Someone is behind,
With no kind,
rude mind but half blind.
Wrapped wierdely,
tied me hardly.
"Faith......" street cried:
where to hide....?
road and sky stood endless,
me fighting reckless.
long to run,
hard to run.
last chance to flee,
to follow his lee.
I cruised hell,
unable to yell.
I was the sun,
drowned by the one,
hoping for tomorrow,
that would heal my sorrow.......

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Jishna Rajeev KP

The destiny does things own it's own

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