I am his rebound, he is my prize.

You see while you use me for your pain.

I’m just here for the ride.

I’ll cuddle with you, I’ll kiss on your lips.

Ill give you what you call temporary happiness.

But remember please don’t take for granted my gifts.

He hits me up I come, because it’s fun to pretend.

That he is mine and I’m yours and were closer than friends.

But you talk about her when I’m laying on you.

About all of the pain that your ex had caused you.

And I’m kissing on you trying to make you forget.

But your stuck on this mess and I can’t take it so bet.

But honestly your pathetic and baby that’s the truth.

Your bugging over someone who’s so over you.

Your talking about someones who’s already moved.

Who’s picked up her pieces its over through.

Baby she’s Gone.

She removed every picture of you guys off her page.

And she got a new man that can actually act his age.

He’s not bad on the eye and he makes her feel safe.

She’s moved on.

So when will you move on?

When will you let me be your rebound?

When will you let me make you forget?

Just get lost in my magic get stuck in me


Fall in love with me


Don’t let go these


Lay your head on me


Tell me baby you’re the


Tell I’m the greatest gift that you’ll never


Ill be there whenever you start feeling


We can be like a couple and share one ice cream


And make her jealous kissing while she’s standing


I’ll even tell you I love you even when it’s a lie.

And I’ll ride you… I mean ride with you while we look at the sky.

We can talk about fears like when it’s our time to die.

And keep tab on our exes and be just like team spy’s.

We can talk about dreams that we will probably never chase.

And talk about heartbreak and how joys been erased.

My friends say we get along well.

That we look good together.

I told them I can’t be with him because he

changes like the weather.

The truth is we have talked about being together.

We said it won’t work.

He says I’m too defensive and

I said you can’t let go.

Sometimes we fight because our feelings get mixed.

He tells me I can’t hang with other guys.

I said I’m not his and I do what I like.

We agreed we wouldn’t let feelings attached

But for some reason my heart won’t let me undue this latch.

I think about his always I want him to be mine.

But I can’t tell bc we won’t last and I can’t go in blind.

So, let’s keep things the way they are.

I am his rebound he is my prize you see while you use me for your pain.

I just want you to be



This poem is about: 



I met a guy who really messed up my head but i wouldnt have traded knowing him for the world.

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