Reborn Poem

 A boy once thought to be a shame, now a boy with a heart that release flame, 
fire that burn within, with a soul and love never torn, 
a boy into a poet, now you know I am reborn, 
i'm a lyrical poet, that's a name that i go by, 
knowing me at first, you should know that i am shy, 
but I reach deep inside and find the words that need to be said, 
like flu in the winter, that's how my emotions spread, 
to others so that they can feel what I feel, 
to know the meaning of life, that's something that is real, 
but look me in the eyes, tell me that i'm not what I used to be, 
the words I say, the feeling I get, this is not what people used to see, 
i'm a changed person, but never torn, 
turning this life into a type of form, written lyrically , 
into a poet so now you know that I am reborn. 


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