99,986 miles

As we begin the end of our journey

Silence floods the car like an abandoned harmony

I shiver as his voice and his glare 

Trickle down my spine

An overwhelming pressure--a pounding

With each one more intensely irregular than the last

I venture into my lost ambitions and deprived pleasure

Into the extent of his indifference

99,995 miles

We gradually drift further down the road plunging into its endless


An unimaginable yet inevitable end was near

Moonlight reflects our untamed shadows replacing the painful darkness

Our memories dissolve into the passing shadows

99,999 miles

Suffocated by the invisible cord connecting us

Consuming me, tearing into my innocence

I no longer stand at a cliff's edge awaiting elation

For I am drowning in my sorrows and suppressed tears

As I detach from the empty chaos, the cord is broken

100,000 miles

Together we approach

The sun-kissed clouds and experience

One moment of ecstasy, 

One moment of infinity, 

And in this moment, we are in Nirvana.

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