Rebellion Vs. Society

I wear Nike’s with a blazer

And Converse with a dress

Who says what I can’t wear

There’s no one out here I’m trying to impress


I know I’m a female

So they expect me to be classy

So I make them all mad

When my attitude is sassy


I burp when I drink

And laugh at it too

Their looks don’t scare me

Because my boyfriend thinks it’s cute


I don’t wear pounds of makeup

To look fresh off a magazine

And I don’t try to look older

When I’m only 16


I talk during lectures

And I sleep during class

Then I shock them all

When they see I still pass


I lift my windows when it’s cold

Because I like the feel of winter

And I sing Christmas songs in July

When it’s not until December


I don’t need a group of friends

To feel like I’m important

I don’t need bad company

To make my future distorted


I say what I need to say

And never keep it to a minimal

I speak out against the government

But that doesn’t make me a criminal


I make noises that draw attention

And attention on me becomes massive

I wear clothes that aren’t brand name

And people still find me attractive


I eat tacos for breakfast

And bacon for dinner

And I get dumb looks

As if now I’m now a sinner


I love Marilyn Monroe

While some think she’s a slut

But to me she’s independent

So to them I say “So what”


I sing in the mirror

And I dance in the shower

And to make people mad

I blast music even louder


I still believe in fairies

And I still make list to Santa

I miss Billy & Mandy

And Miley when she had Hannah


At least I’m not pregnant

Being just 16

And at least I don’t do drugs

Like a kind of reckless teen


I like doing these things

Because I like being me

And if they say I can’t be myself

Then screw society


-Marche C. Stollenwerck 


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