The Rebel: Take A Stand

Loud Silence.

They say when people stop talking be afraid,

But it makes it harder to talk when people aren’t listening.

Now to get the picture you have to play charades,

The way society works is just sickening.

The greatest country of all “America the brave”,

Yet we still fear and judge things we don’t understand.

Wondering why people live enraged,

And why others are too self-centered to lend a hand.

I speak for those who can’t speak for themselves,

Get your translator ready for a language called the truth.

As I say what needs to be said and break down these barrier shelves,

And as I give a voice to the suffering youth.

I scream loud when I say “I am Trayvon Martin wearing my black sweatshirt”,

I scream loud when I say “I am the Jena 6 just looking for a place to sit”.

I scream loud when I say “I am the shy kid you continue to bully and hurt”,

“I am the gay man that everyone wants to hit”.

For the girl who is forced to give herself is the ultimate betrayal,

By the man she is supposed to love that is twice maybe three times her age.

We have too long let this ignorance prevail,

And support entertainers who belittle others on a public stage.

The Gettysburg Address states “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal”,

So I scream “THIS MUST STOP!!!”.

For this discrimination, ignorance and hatred cannot be a continuing sequel,

Shatter these barriers and let the stereotypes drop.

Tonight everyone has a voice,

Say what you need to say and be proud.

Be brave and make your own choice,

Scream at the top of your lungs for the whole crowd.


I write these words because one day I will be gone,

And I think about them at night.

I know these words will live on,

As I say “This is why I write”.


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