Rebecca's Two-Year Supply

I circle round and round

Impressed by what I see



Listening to silence


I walk alone

Watching images

Of life go by


There a

Faint blue

Has captured

My soul



Stare into

My curiosity

But only the

Blue holds me still

The reflections

Of light cast

A clear shimmer

Of the same 

Clean dress 

In every jar


So many shades

My heart can

Nare relate

To the imprisoned

Liquids of blue

Yet, I can see

An eye curious of me


The longer

I sit

The more

Entranced I feel

Such a peace

Never seemed 

Possible, especially

Not from shades of blue



It’s because

They’re trapped

Just like myself

Or maybe

My eyes play

Tricks on me


What’er the case

I don’t want to

Leave this

Cushion of mine

Even as the

Paintings stare


My eyes

Of blue long

To stay

As my heart

Breaks for my reality


If these

Feelings linger

Maybe my

Expectations will lighten


I should go, yet

I sit alone to 

Seep in every blue



Encircles my fear


I will never forget 

My precious dancing blues


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