Since we've spoken, you and I,

about how hard you think you need to try

Then perhaps you should look at how far you've come

instead of all the things you haven't  yet done

We should talk, you and I,

about where, exactly, your concern lies

Because you don't see how well you've done

with standing up to trials and choosing not to run

We could then talk, you and I,

about where, exactly, your doubts lie

because you haven't noticed your gifts

and the spirits you tend to lift

In the future, when you and I talk

It'll be about the path that you chose to walk

We will not discuss doubts and concerns

We will only speak of the things that you've learned

When all talking has come to an end,

There will still be nothing, we'll need to amend

Because at that point I'm sure you'll understand

that a well-lived life is not something you can plan



This poem is about: 
My family


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