"Reasons Why"


See here's the thing, other's do not understand my poetic spring. Reason Why? They judge me for my Skin. Reason why? They judge me for my Grin. No matter how hard you try, my skills will not be compaired. The Reasons Why I Write, are as told lets make this Clear. I Stand Alone, I Hold My Own, And when I just cannot express myself verbally, My writing skills are the only thing i can use, Nobody to Provide a Shoulder for my head or wipe the tears i failed to hold in. The same story being told, little girl black girl born and raised in the ghetto. Holding onto a wish of one day leaving the ghetto, and becoming a star, not a celeberity but an actual star like in the galaxy. Reasons why I write are as followed, Im over weight , im too tall, or too ugly. This is only the nice thing i hear in school, "Shes dumb, FatGirl, or being asked would i like a cheeseburger are an everyday thing. Reasons why I write are because, i would be wrong to fight back with my fist, or call the others names, bullying kids half my size causing pain, Theirs more than Enough reasons the be shy, reasons to stay alone, reasons to be alone! But I Choose to Write, the reason why I write are as told. I am a Smart, Talented, Beautiful Black Young Woman, who already is a star. Because of my Smile i shine brighter than most, Reason Why is because i am important and I know what i am Capable of , Reason Why i Write is to Show The Younger Generation that Change is powerful and no matter where you come from or what your Reasons Are, you are worth every bit of Love, Respect, and Encouragement . These Are The Reasons Why I Write.



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