Reasons to Smile

She traces the eyes of Teddy, taking in the glassiness of
them, I take in the ocean depth of your eyes,
breathing in all the swirls and zigzags and specks of orange.

She plays with Teddy’s ears, 
yours are hidden beneath the thick brown hair I
always ask you to cut.

She brushes her hands over Teddy’s furry face,
it’s strange how different that fur is from the hair on your
face, scruffy but soft and comforting.

She makes her way to his fluffy chest and stomach,
Yours is made of hard muscles and ribs adorned
by curls of hair that tickle me when I lay on your chest. 

The arms of Teddy that she holds when she runs,
those aren’t anything like the large ones that hold me
when I need it most.

In all the ways that Teddy is different from you,
He is also very much the same. 
The love for him, the love for you, reasons to smile.


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