Reasons To Live

Even when things seem to be terrible

View all the good things to make life repairable

Earth and its ground that allows things to grow

Reading new books that add new things to know

Your favorite song to help you calm down

The coolness of rain when it touches the ground

Hearing the songs of birds in the trees

Including the low buzzing sounds of the bees

Nuzzling kittens close to their mother

Getting embraced by the arms of another

Ivy that climbs up the side of a house

Staying alive ‘till you meet your true spouse

All of these things are reasons to live

When they come around you can surely forgive

Everything living that makes you distressed

Save all your good memories and you’re sure to be blessed

Only you can make it this way

More things will come at the end of each day

Everything will be okay.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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