The Reasons I Found My Lane

I cry because I am scared.

I yell because I am angry.

I smile because I am happy.

I laugh because I am filled with joy.

I walk with my head down because I am ashamed.

I listened to the people that told me I couldn't because 

   I was uncomfortable with myself.


I  am scared because I don't want to fail.

I am angry because I am being pushed to my limits. 

I am happy because I lived to fight another day.

I am filled with joy because my family makes me feel                         


I am ashamed because I have done wrong.

I was uncomfortable with myself  because of how I was 

  looked at and judged by others.


I will not fail because I believe I will succeed.

I was pushed to my limits but I continued to forgive.

I lived to fight another day so I'm gonna stand strong.

My family makes me feel important so I rethink all my

      negative thoughts.

I have done wrong so I learn from those mistakes.

I was looked at and judged by others… THAT'S HOW I

         FOUND MY LANE!!!


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