Reasons to get out of bed

your midnight drives up to the next town

or walmart

or that short walk to 7/11 for a slurpee and a smoke

for your drunken rambles

state of euphoric proclamations

and sober but heartfelt confessions


for the sunshine yellow beach blonde season

the midnight blue black hoodie weather

and the white snow red nose cold face hot drink “i’ve never seen it before” feeling


for fulfilment

for those moments of static electricity connecting when eyes, hands, ideas meet

for those moments of realization

so subtle

you think “this is what falling in love feels like.”


for that

that new but familiar warm sensation in your chest

for that rare agape,

and newfound desire

to stay present

to stay awake

to stay alive


for yourself

that reckless cynic turned lover,

rolling over like the tide

dreaming of peaches and petunias


for them and their flowers,

both bodies crying out for the sun



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Annette M Velasquez

Excellent use of language- vivid, imaginative metaphors and imagery. This poem shows a high level of crafting, its rhythm is smooth and flowing. Your knowledge of alliteration and assonance is evident.


I'm flattered, thank you so much.

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