The Reason You Stayed

Mon, 08/28/2017 - 14:07 -- vldub99

Why I continue to talk to you I don't know. You don't like me that way anymore. I make myself look like an ass. All I do is push your buttons till you can't handle it anymore. I've made you cry countless times. You should've gotten away when you did because now I've got too much on you.I've got my whole heart even though we aren't together.But now you're stuck here You don't really wannabe here but you're scared to hurt meYou've seen the tears you can create so you won't walk awayEven if you're the one in painYou stay to try to give me someone who doesn't leaveYou should go because you deserve better then some fuck up of a girl who can't get her life togetherI pray one day you'll be away from my bullshitThe bullshit you shouldn't care aboutThe bullshit that caused your tears

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My family
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