A reason to exist


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A reason to exist
Bernard Etienne

Me, you and the entire world have a reason to exist
So take off your mask
Get out of the casket
And show the world your face
Stop being an instrument that’s always in its case
And know that the world is your place
Life is like a running race
You can’t win if you never participate
Whenever you’re stress, depressed
Because the world never let you rest
Don’t put your life to the test
Because you are flawless and priceless
Don’t ever feel that you are valueless
Because someone told you, you are worthless
You have a reason to exist
We are unique of all God’s creation
There is a reason
When you look in the mirror, it shows your reflection
Just pay attention
Adjust your vision
Look at yourself in the mirror
If you don’t see anything, then
Look a little harder and deeper
There is something in you that no one else can see
Something that’s for your eyes only
So don’t ever pick the knife
To end your life
Instead pick yourself up and out of strife
There can’t ever be another you
There is no one like you
No one can smile the way you do
No one can do things the way you do
No one can be the great mother and father that you are
No one can be the great friend, son, daughter, teacher, wife and husband that you are
You have a reason to exist
I have a reason to exist
For 9 years, I use to live in a country filled with poverty
A little more like misery
I remember the day; I told my mom I was hungry
She looked at me angrily
Angry for the fact that the she had to tell me she had no money
As an immigrant
I was bullied for being different
They treated me like a peasant
The shattered my life into fragments
They even made fun of my accent
When I was present
It was more like being absent
My life was distant
Looking back it still hurts
It is something I won’t forget
I was so, so, so upset
Frankly, it is something I can’t reset
No time for regrets
It didn't break me
In fact it made me
I still have a long future ahead of me
I never had a lot of options
But now I live in a great nation
I can live to my own expectation
Education is the main destination
For me it is an addiction
Writing is my passion
Reading is my motivation
I am sick and tired of the cycle
I hate seeing my people not finishing their roles
I want to see more degrees from graduation
I hope there are improvements in the upcoming generation
I have a reason to exist and so do all of you
Why shouldn't we?
Your life is a treasure
That is powerful beyond measure
Don’t waste your time trapped in your past
There’s a reason it didn't last
Enjoy life everyday
Because it starts today
In a blink of an eye it fades away
Don’t expect to be happy everyday
Because life doesn't work that way
But no matter what happened
While you are living your life
You have to keep moving forward
Of course there will be a couple of cracks in your path
That will make you stumble and fall
But be strong and get back up
Never give up
As you lives your life
Live it to the fullest
Remember you have a reason to exist


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