The Reason.


I am not good enough,

I never was,

I never will be.


I am plagued forever,

I will never know.

Were you honest with me?

Did you mean what you said?

Did you even like me?


You’re the root of my anxiety,

the reason I twitch,

the reason I cry,

the reason I am scared

and sometimes can’t sleep at night.


I can’t trust.
I can’t feel.
I can’t really be me.

I will never forget,

what you did,

did to me.


Paranoia, anxiety,

questions, I ask it all.

If only I had you,

breaking my fall.


But I don’t and I can’t,

can’t trust you.
I can’t trust him,

I can’t trust any boy,

any boy, not at all.


But wait there’s hope,

a light shining through.

You don’t control me.

I am me.

Whether worry or fear,

you don’t control me.

I am me.

No more fear,

no more worry.


I write and I write

and suddenly that light

goes brighter and bold

and suddenly I’m told

that this is my escape.


I write and I write

and inside I know

that I can get through this.

You don’t control me.

I am good enough,

I always was,

I always will be.


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