Is This Really Feminism?

"Feminism" is taking over, and wow, they have a point.

Men can do what women do and women do as men.

But is it really feminism...


When we tell a girl that she ought to wear pants

No pretty skirts on normal days,

And that the kitchen is a shameful place to be

And she ought to never carry a tray?


She can vote, but can't wear a flowered hat while doing so.

She can be a company's president,

But not in a dress, not with flowers on her desk.

She can't tend a garden to vent.


Where, pray, is the equality in this phenomena?

They can have the rights,

But they must give up thei feminity to grasp them?

It's a losing fight.


We teach girls to dress sexily, and why?

To please men.

We teach them to be tough, not tender. Why?

Soft still can't win.


So what battle are you fighting, for feminity

To be equal to the masculine?

Or are you forcing the feminine, for rights,

To be more like a man?


Feminism needs to take over, it is a wonderful cause.

Women can be feminine, and still do big things.

Doesn't that have a nice ring?

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My country
Our world


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