Realization of Self

Realization of Self
I was born from divine Love of God,
Natural and pure, 
Inherited some trauma - 
That’s for sure. 
Brought fully into the forest of deception,
Deceit, despair and foreclosure with a major lack of attention- 
Distorted nature, melting into charcoal landscapes
Ignorance and handshakes.
But at once I grew tall 
My perspective shift went from small to large 
Zooming out to see clear 
Letting go of all the fear 
As my ego began to slip
Right down my chest
Through my fingertips, 
As my heart burst forward and flung me towards the light hazel sky
I felt the power of light 
Everything was white 
There was a full reflection of color - 
The universe was in full sight

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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