Reality sucks sometimes

Reality hit you and you got a taste of failure. Time and experience have taught you to trust no one. Friends, lovers, and even family have forsaken you. You keep the shattered pieces of your heart in a box. Stitching, gluing, and staying up all night trying to put it back together. Attempting to fill the void that was left. 


I don't even know what I'm chasing anymore, i can’t even find myself. I’m lost and lonely. I’m just going to keep searching on in this life, days going by and by. I sit down, stressed from a long day and sigh. What’s this life for I ask, knowing that no one would answer back. 


I do know one thing. I won’t forget the way he looked at me with his blue eyes. I won’t forget the way his voice sounded when he said my name. He was my best friend, but I fell into wanting to be much more than friends. He captivated my soul, and with that went my heart. He lit me up as bright as fire, and I just kept flying higher and higher at the thought that I had a chance with Tyler. 


But like life goes, dreams don’t always work out. And once again, that’s where reality hits you and you are no longer flying. The reality is you are dying. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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