Reality Struck That Night

Ten years have passed 

I am glad

To live in the U.S with my dad

And make a better life than what I had


It is when I sleep

I envision the famous American dream

Life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness ... a human right

But reality struck me that night


My first day of school wasn't so great

Kids viewed me as another number to the immigration rate

My long hair, warm skin color, and tongue seemed unsafe

To them I was a foreigner, unworthy of this place


They hated my accent, so I became mute

Chocking on this fear I followed suit

Combatting the questions they loaded to attack 

Towards the culture and heritage I'm forced to mask


Reality struck me that night

The sacrifices I have to fight

To leave my mother and friends behind

Only to be isolated and dehumanized


Life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness ... a human right

The American dream I awoke from that night

No matter how much I'm dreaming 

I'll never truly feel like another human being 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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