Reality of a poet


A term for people who's minds are strong and full of knowledge and opinions and experiences.

Like fossils that tell  a story by their location and their marks. 

People are marked from the experience of life as the moon is marked by the experience of meteors in space.

Poetry is express the things that build up inside, eating at your day to day life.

Things we hide in the trunks of our hearts and put a mask over.

Being gay! 

Being raped!

Being black!

Being latino!

Having to deal with the discomforts and comforts of the world like living in a house with both tile and carpet floors.

Coming from the hood and being told you can't acheive your dreams. 

Coming from a rich white family and having friends from the hood, being there for them as they have pain, but not understanding because you've been happy all your life. 

Living a lie!!

Poetry bonds us together, poets from different backgrounds with either a common goal or a common baggage to cary around.

"Poets, breathe now, because it's the last thing you'll ever do for yourself."

Quoting Adam Gotlebe  like Anakin would quote Yota.

Poetry has been a safe haven for me. 

Watching videos of  poets from different places and different ages.

Everybody has got something to say about poetry!

Wether it makes you happy like a kid eating ice cream.

Or it is your way of screaming from the top of the mountain.

It's my way of screaming from the top of the mountain.

To tell the world my diary in rhyme. 

My way of singing to the top of my lungs. 

My way of showing myself. To show how I'm not just a little kid, my opinion matters. 


As does every other poet. 

As does every other person!

Hope floats through us like a wish on a dandilion floats through the air and sets on the ground.

To write poetry is what sets us on the ground of sanity without it i'd be still floating.

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